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30 Jan 2024

The Africans are in town! Check out the new Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Misty Valley, Kenya Asali Peaberry and the newly restocked

Ethiopia Sidama Premium over at Green Coffee and Roasted Coffee.

20 Dec 2023

We will be closed from 23rd to 26th December 2023 for Christmas. Orders received on the 22nd will be processed after the 26th.

6 Sep 2023

Our latest addition from Kiambu Kenya is now in stock as greens and roasted coffee! While stocks last.

8 Aug 2023
Colombia La Meseta is back in stock! Check out out
Roasted Coffee page to find out more.

15 June 2023

Kenya Kiambu Tamu will be arrivng soon! Stay tuned for this coffee featuring Bourbon and Kent derivatives.

24 Feb 2023

Brazil Dutra Jatoba is now back in stock!

20 Jan 2023

Wishing all of you all a safe and joyous celebration this Chinese New Year! We will be closed from 21 - 24 Jan 2023.

24 Dec 2022

We are off from today until 26 Dec 2022. May you all have a meaningful and rejuvenating holiday!

10 Aug 2022

Brazil Fazenda Dutra Jatoba single origin is back in stock!

20 Jun 2022

Exciting news for Brazil coffee lovers as Dutra Jatoba single origin will be back in stock soon!

28 Mar 2022
Ethiopia Anderacha Geisha Welasha, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Wote Konga and 
Indonesia Mandheling G2

to our Green Coffee and Roasted Coffee pages! Check them out!

02 Mar 2022

We are now partnering with Bumi X for all our deliveries nationwide! Local deliveries (Klang Valley)

typically take 1-2 days and inter-state deliveries take 2-3 days to arrive.

17 Jan 2021
We have some exciting new coffees to showcase very soon! Stay tuned! #yirgacheffekonga #anderarchageisha

16 Dec 2021
It has been a long, hard year but there is always a reason to celebrate in the Yuletide season. Coffee prices has been on the up due to

supply chain issues and Covid-19 but thankfully we have been able to maintain our prices this whole year. Thank you to all our customers for

your support in 2021!

27 Apr 2021

Kenya AA G2 and Brazil Santa Barbara have landed! Check out these new arrivals in our Roasted Coffee page.

16 Oct 2020

Thank you for your continued support and buying up our coffee! We have new arrivals in the form of Colombia La Maseta, Colombia Garzon

Microlot and Ethiopia Yirgacheffe G2 which will be available very soon.

30 Aug 2020
Hi everyone, due to the uncertain supply and shipments during this continuing pandemic, we find ourselves unable to accept any new orders

at this time. We will advise again when things revert to normality (hopefully by middle of Sep). Thanks for your understanding and stay safe!

30 Apr 2020

Guatemala San Vincente Pacaya and Kenya Asali Peaberry are sold out! Look out for the incoming Guatemala Huehuetenago which should

arrive after the lockdown.

30 Mar 2020

We are still open! As e-commerce based food suppliers, we are still roasting and delivering (via courier) delicious coffee during the MCO.

28 Oct 2019

Our new Tanzania Kilimanjaro AA is now available! A unique coffee that brings together flavours from both sides of the Atlantic ocean.

18 May 2019

The award winning Brazil Ipanema Yellow bourbon is now in stock! Recommended taken black or with milk.

25 Mar 2019

Here is a video from Ipanema Coffees, the producer of our new yellow bourbon from Brazil! On sale soo

29 Nov 2018

Our latest coffee Guatemala San Vicente Pacaya is in! Check it out on the Roasted Coffee and Green Coffee pages!

13 July 2018

Brazil Fazenda Dutra Jatoba & Colombia Salto de Bordones are now available for sale on the Roasted Coffee and Green Coffee pages!

20 June 2018

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Misty Valley is back in stock!


17 May 2018

Coming in June - Brazil Fazenda Dutra Jatoba & Colombia Salto de Bordones! Stay tuned!


11 Feb 2018

Our new Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Misty Valley is in! This time around we have the washed version which offers notes of blueberry, jasmine

and black tea.

10 Feb 2018

Don't be without your favourite brew this lunar new year! Choose any 2 bags of roasted coffee and have them shipped to your door for

only RM88 nett. T&Cs apply.


22 Dec 2017

The Buena Vista blend is now back in stock!


05 Dec 2017

Perk up your Christmas with our festive gift jars! Now available at our roastery in Red Kettle,

1st Floor, The Starling mall, Damansara Uptown. * Not available for delivery


15 Nov 2017

Colombia Tolima Bambuco is now available! Enjoy it as a dark roast straight from our shop or roast your own Green Coffee


6 Sept 2017

Brazil Moreninha Formosa is back in stock. We also have a new arrival, Colombia Tolima Bambuco - stay tuned!


04 Aug 2017

Brazil Moreninha Formosa is currently out of stock. New shipment is expected at end of August together with a new specialty Colombia coffee

- stay tuned!


15 Mar 2017

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Misty Valley is currently out. New stock to arrive end Apr. Stay tuned!


26 Jan 2016

We have added Costa Rica El Jaguar Tarrazu and Kenya Asali Peaberry, as well as the Buena Vista blend to our Roasted Coffee page!


25 Jan 2016

We will be taking a break from 27 to 30 Jan 2017 for the Chinese New Year. Business resumes on 31 Jan 2017!


7 Dec 2016

We have added four new coffees to our Green Coffee page! Check it out now! 


21 Oct 2016

We have added two new coffees to the Roasted Coffee page: the Guatemala La Primavera & Guatemala Lake Atitlan! Sadly, El Salvador

San Emilio is now out of stock.


24 Aug 2016

We are running low on some of our single origins! New arrivals incoming in Sep - stay tuned!


12 Aug 2016

From 12 Aug until 12 Sep, get an additional 50g free with every 250g bag of roasted coffee! T&Cs apply.


1 Jun 2016

You can now order coffee from our Facebook page directly! Check out www.facebook/triumviratecoffee


Apr 2016

The Ethiopia Sidama is now available roasted on our Roasted Coffee page!


24 Mar 2016

Check out the new Ethiopia Sidama coffee, now available on our Green Coffee page!


31 Dec 2015

We have discontinued the Shopping Cart feature on this site. Kindly order via the Order page or email


Wishing everyone a Happy New Year ahead!


23 Nov 2015

New Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Misty Valley G1 added to our Roasted Coffee page!


09 Nov 2015

We are excited to introduce our new Green Coffee section catering to enthusiasts looking for quality beans to roast at home.


Starting today we have changed our 250g packaging to a new stand-up design featuring a built-in zip-loc, one way valve, and kraft/foil



20 Oct 2015

New coffee in - check out our new comfort blend: New Orleans!


22 Sept 2015

Check out our Roasted Coffee page for our new Guatemala Antigua Pastoral and our Old Skool blend!


17 Sept 2015

We're pleased to announce that free shipping throughout Malaysia is now available for all orders of roasted coffee (500g and above)!


04 Aug 2015
Here's another reason to order coffee - we are providing free delivery for every order of roasted coffee (500g and above)! Courier charges
are on us. Valid for shipments within Peninsular Malaysia only.
14 Jul 2015
Good news - we have refreshed our listings in the Roasted Coffee page. Check out our latest offerings from Brazil and El Salvador!
29 Jun 2015
We've been working hard lately so it's time to take a breather! We'll be back for business on 6 Jul 2015.
06 Jun 2015
GST has finally caught up with us! Our next shipment of beans will incur the tax. We plan to maintain all our prices though!
13 May 2015

We have a new coffee in! The Indonesia Minang Solok is quite a performer both in milk and black.Check it out in our Roasted Coffee page! 


20 Apr 2015

Poslaju has started charging for their courier bags: RM0.20 for a small bag, RM0.25 for medium bag, and RM0.30 for a large bag.


09 Apr 2015

Our new Papua New Guinea Wamena coffee is now available for sale in the Roasted Coffee page!

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