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Use Of Information


We are committed to protecting your personal information.Your personal information will only be used internally for the purpose of:

  • processing and fulfilling your orders

  • providing you with regular updates on our products/services and/or promotions

  • analysing your preferences so we can serve you better

  • The information that we collect are as follows:

  • Your Name (first name, last name)

  • Your Email Address

  • YourMailing/Delivery Address (incl. city, country, state/prov.)

  • YourPhone No.

  • Your Purchase History of our products/services

We will not sell your personal information nor share them with third parties unless we have your expressed consent to do so.  However, if/when required by law, your personal information may be made available to the relevant authorities.




From time to time, we may conduct contests or surveys via our website or Facebook page.  Participation in these contests and/or surveys may require your personal information such as Name (first name, last name), identification card (IC) no.,  e-mail address, and personal preferences.  We may use third party service providers to conduct our contests or surveys, in which case the information you provide will be shared with these vendors.  The information collected then will be used only for the contests or surveys.  Participation in our contests or surveys will automatically include you in our list of contacts to receive updates and/or promotional information from us.  


You may at any time opt-out of receiving updates or any further communication from us by unsubscribing via the link provided in our email communication.  Alternatively, you may send us a request via email at




We may use Cookies to track your use of our website so that we can improve your user experience.  These “Cookies” are usually stored in your browser.  You may edit your personal browser settings to reflect your preferences, if desired.


Please note that the social media features such as the Facebook, Instagram and Google+ included on our website may collect information from you such as your IP address or set cookies when you select them.  These options are subject to the privacy policies of those respective pages. 


External Links & Pages


Our website may contain links to other sites.  Please be aware that the privacy policies for these other sites may be different from ours.  You are therefore advised to read the respective privacy policies of each new web site that you visit, even if they are linked from ours. 




To update us on any of your personal information, please email us at


This privacy policy may be updated on occasion. Please check back regularly to be aware of your rights.

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