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* This is a raw product and may contain foreign objects. Please proceed with care. This coffee must be roasted before consuming.

Varietal: Yellow Catuai

Processing: Pulped Natural

In the cup: This pulped-natural coffee offers all the nuttiness and body of a archetypical Brazilian, along with a lively, rounded acidity that adds balance to the profile. Sweet, balanced and full bodied with a rounded mouth feel.

Recommended taken black or with milk.

Brazil Fazenda Dutra Jatoba

  • Fazenda Dutra is located in Matas de Minas region, the largest coffee-growing region in Brazil and a major source of specialty-coffee. Farm owner Ednilson Alves Dutra and his family are proud of their farm which has often been awarded by the C.O.E. as well as Illy Café Espresso Coffee Quality Awards. Their coffee is also certified by the (Brazil Speciality Coffee Association (BSCA).

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