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* This is a raw product and may contain foreign objects. Please proceed with care. This coffee must be roasted before consuming.

Varietal: Caturra, Catuai

Processing: Honey process

In the cup: The honey-process gives this coffee a sweet profile, where notes of honey and rock melon abound, with soft acidity and a smooth mouth-feel. Medium bodied with a short finish.

Recommended taken black or with milk.

Costa Rica El Jaguar Tarrazu

  • El Jaguar Honey Coffee represents one of the finest small production coffee lots available in Costa Rica. Coming from selected farms above 1,200 masl in the Los Santos region of Tarrazu, coffees are harvested at peak times and undergo the complex and distinct honey process. Beans selected to be processed to ‘El Jaguar’ lots are pulped and sun-dried in special greenhouses designed to cater to wet weather conditions, ensuring better coffee quality.

    ‘El Jaguar’ is an innovative brand created by Jürgen Plate - a renowned coffee specialist and coffee pioneer in the country. The brand commemorates Beneficios Volcafe as a leading sponsor for the Jaguar Conservation Program in Costa Rica.

    Whilst coffees from Tarrazu are known for extremely pleasing cup profiles, good body, high acidity and fine aromas, the Honey process allows for distinctive notes to be added. Because some fermentation occurs during the time the mucilage dries, acidity is reduced on the coffee, at the same time allowing the aroma to become more pronounced with sweet, fruity notes.

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