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* This is a raw product and may contain foreign objects. Please proceed with care. This coffee must be roasted before consuming.

Varietal: Heirloom

Processing: Washed

In the cup: A perennial favourite and for good reason - good Yirgacheffe coffees offer a complex floral and perfumed blueberry aroma, and a clean citrus acidity. In this prime coffee, expect blueberry, chocolate, jasmine and black tea, with a balanced acidity and velvety mouth-feel.

Recommended taken black or as espresso.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Misty Valley (Washed)

  • Only Q grade coffees coming from the Kochere and Yirgacheffe districts of Gedeo are used to create this coffee. The coffee is processed using state-of-the-art Pinhalense machines with color sorters before being hand-picked at the end of the sorting process. Only beans of screen size 15 and above are used. The complex fruitiness and overwhelming chocolate flavours are achieved through repeated experimentation and cupping to achieve the right ratio while blending each year's crop.
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