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* This is a raw product and may contain foreign objects. Please proceed with care. This coffee must be roasted before consuming.

Varietal: SL28 & SL34

Processing: Washed

In the cup: Bright but not overpowering acidity with notes of currant, cacao and grapefruit. Subtly winey mouth-feel with a hint of tropical fruits upon cooling.

Recommended taken black or as espresso.

Kenya Asali Peaberry

  • Harvested from the Aberdare ranges in the Thika region, this coffee is made up of SL28 and SL34 varietals. This is a cooperative-sourced coffee, meaning it is derived from the output of a several different mills and estates. This coffee is fully washed.

    Peaberries or caracol (Spanish) are natural anomalies arising from the coffee cherry forming a single, round bean instead of the usual two, hemispheric ones. Peaberries taste different (and some say superior), having a brighter acidity, more complex aromatics, and lower body than regular beans of the same harvest.
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